Franche Primary; “Me and Red Tractor” Competition Winners!

Late last month Lower Hurst welcomed the pupils from Franche Primary School, Kidderminster.

The farm visit was the result of the ‘Me and Red Tractor’ competition that launched in Red Tractor Week 2012 and encouraged students to consider the origins of the food they eat and produce artwork to illustrate this.

The winners of the competition were Class 4S of Franche Primary (aged 8-9) who enjoyed a Tractor Tour of our 260 acre farm and spent time with the animals drawing the link between the food they consume and their origins on the farm. This was followed by an activity of making meatballs from mince produced on farm and slaughtered at a local abattoir.Meatballs

Graham Shaw, Teacher at Franche Primary School, Class 4S said: “The students have had a brilliant time on the farm, meeting the cattle and learning about their meat ball’s journey from field to fork. A few asked Phil where the horse was kept but soon learnt there’s none of that involved in a Red Tractor assured food chain.”

A source form Red Tractor agreed that the visit had been a huge success: “It’s heart-warming to see that the next generation is taking an active interest to learn about food origins. Franche Primary School made a huge effort to understand and engage with the Red Tractor and we’re delighted that we were able to demonstrate the meaning of one of our straplines ‘Trust the Tractor’”.

“As a Red Tractor and Organic farm we meet some of the highest standards in farming to rear high quality traditional English marbled beef. It’s important for kids today, to be able to trust where their food comes from and we hope today’s visit has helped emphasise the value of logos like the Red Tractor on pack as a sign of these assurances” added Phil Dutton of Lower Hurst Organic.