Get Better Get British Say Farmers Weekly

Farmers Weekly, the trusted magazine aimed at the British farming industry, is backing a petition calling for signatures to change the way the NHS Trust sets procurement policy for supplying hospital food.

The NHS spends £500 million on hospital food annually and only half of that food is sourced from the UK with a focus on cost alone. Patients, the UK farming industry, and the environment are losing out.

Patients are served a global picnic with chicken from Thailand, red meat from Eastern Europe, wheat from Canada, lamb from New Zealand and green veg from South America. This might be interesting news to hospitals as according to Farmers Weekly 71% of hospitals don’t know where their food is sourced from.

The government has set up buying standards to improve the sustainability of sourcing food for some of its departments. Buying Standards set targets for environmentally sustainable sourcing of food. They have been rolled out for some departments but not hospitals, yet.

Farmers Weekly has seen that hospitals can source British food successfully while still keeping the price per patient per day down.

Help support this change in policy so that British agriculture is given a fair opportunity to supply food in hospitals and patients know what is on their plate and where it came from. It can all start with a signature.

Please join us in signing the petition here.