Lower Hurst Organic Brisket Burger wins Gold award!

For the first time Lower Hurst has entered EBLEX’s national burger challenge 2014 to find England’s ‘best burger’.

The team at Lower Hurst were set the challenge to create a gourmet burger. John and our butcher Dave tried a number of recipes, with the office team acting as our in house tasting team. The team unanimously put the organic brisket burger as their favourite burger into the EBLEX competition.

Samples were couriered down to Leatherhead where a panel of judges sampled over 200 burgers.

EBLEX have just announced Lower Hurst Organic Brisket Burger has been awarded gold!

Hugh Judd from EBLEX said “The burgers that achieved ‘Gold Awards’ really stood out from the rest.
We are now hoping to see our gourmet burger’s on restaurant and pub menu’s up and down the country.