A season of new beginnings: a visit to Lower Hurst Organic Farm

The return of spring ushers in the start of the school visit season. This is the most perfect time of year to come out to our farm. From the first of April, we have lambs and calves being born; a wonderful sight whatever your age but particularly exciting when you are school age. This is also a perfect opportunity to talk about life cycles and learn lots of new things about farming.

We are also busy planting our crops, and pupils can get involved and plant their very own to take away with them.

Because we’re organic, we farm without chemicals. Find out how we keep pests at bay by using wildflowers and hedgerows, and discover why clover is an organic farmer’s best friend.

Feel and smell the difference between hay and silage, and sit on straw bales as we take you around the farm by tractor and trailer, the best way to get up close and personal with our cattle, sheep and wildlife.old tractor ride scene

Take a walk through the meadows, run through the wildflowers and learn about bugs and their important work here on the farm.

We’re passionate about ‘farm to fork’, which is one of the reasons that we started making organic products for schools, and by having the schools visit our farm, not only can we talk about the importance of traceability, we can demonstrate it.

After a lunch, you can see beef meatballs and burgers being made from our special viewing gallery, then get your hands dirty by making your own. Or if you’d rather, we can make organic bread rolls.Meatballs

We’re not open to the public, and we’re a proper working organic farm so school visits get a unique opportunity to see how we farm, and learn all about the work we do to support wildlife. It’s also a great way to see cows, calves, sheep and lambs behaving naturally in a high welfare environment.  

It’s a great learning opportunity whatever your age!

 For more information on visits please email Megan.Walters@lowerhurstorganic.co.uk